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Empowering Yourself

Being in Greece Can Bring
Out Your Goddess!
Exploring, Eating and... Empowering Yourself by Embracing Greece.
The hospitality and generosity of the people on the Island of Rhodes had me fall in Love with Greece instantly. Realizing that Greece has more than 5000 islands, sadly I knew it was too many to see them all, but feel I arrived at one of the most special ones. Even with people's fears, (concerns voiced by my own family) all the nervousness about travelling, with the Economic Crisis of Greece, was vacated immediately once I landed. Always being fearless didn't mean I wasn't without some concerns about the state of the country prior to going. Yet never for 1 minute did I feel Greece was unsafe at any point during the 20 days. The tourism and busy season was very evident, with many cruise ships and yachts in the ports, barely any hotel vacant, and bustling shopping in the town of old Rhodes. Everyone was feasting like Gods and Goddess on amazing vibrant delicious Mediterranean cuisines (I gorged on my favourite seafood). The people of Greece all had genuine happy dispositions, a full of life attitude and no one ever seemed to sleep. The night-life scene was alive until the sunrise because of course afternoon naps at the beach could be had.
I have always had the Travel bug and have been privileged to travel to so many places. Greece was breathtaking, one of my favourite places I have travelled to thus far and will be a place I will visit again.
Travelling is a great escape from the day to day, quiet time on a beach, soaking in the sun and floating on the ocean, since Rhodes had so many beaches each one completely unique from the rest. As all Solopreneurs need to have R & R but the brilliance is I love what I do and there is no separation from Work-Life to Loving Life-Work. Being in a captivating surrounding, discovering unknown places, with foreign surrounding was forcing me to be out of my comfort zones, but was inspiring me for so many more business ideas, even learning a foreign language (well only about 50 Greek words) and finding ways to communicate with unspoken simplicity. New perspectives and a soulful recharge was something that Greece left me with. Opening the mind into brainstorming what my next adventures might be, how can I find a way to make sure the new friends I have made become part of my story and me theirs. Marcela and I decided we couldn't keep Greece only to ourselves...these adventures had to be shared.
Finding ones-self isn't a solo journey, it a collaboration of building connection to people and places. I have picked the next roads to travel and map out some more of my life all because of the inspirations in new friendships built on this trip to Greece. Feeling like a Greek Goddess travelling to the Island of Rhodes and bringing all those memories of Greece home with me. 
We Thank-You the People of Rhodes, Greece.
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Purposeful Engagement & Heartfelt Intentions
“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Picture taken from Cruise to Symi, Greece.